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    Hello everyone, I'm Thibo and I'm here with another blog for you guys!

    I've read somewhere, we'll be getting at least 3 new "The Amazing Spider-Man" movies. The Amazing Spider-Man 3, a movie about Venom, and the one that this blog will be about: one about the Sinister Six.

    First of all, at the end of TASM2 the Goblin said to Mr. Fiers that he wanted to assemble a small team. Sinister Six, anyone?

    Now we know that the team will be there, lets take a look at the members:

    The first 4 are really simple: Rhino's horn, Green Goblin's glider, Vulture's wings and Doc Ock's arms. Then we have what looks like a cat, this is probably Kraven's power amulet, and as the last one we have what appears to be a mask of some sort, could this be Chameleon? Or is …

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