Titan is the main Superhero in the, Titan movies

Early Life (1980-1995)Edit

Titan was born in 1980 under the name Bryan Thunder. He had a talent for something special, namely Super Powers. He could use the power of thunder to stop villains. He trained at the Super-Academy, on his 15th his parents were killed by Grenade, Bryan then chose also Superheroes name, Titan '.  He vowed revenge against Grenade. He would continue to train its forces

War against Titan (1999-2000)Edit

When Titan had completed his training. Grenade staged a number of attacks. And indeed .. he had a plan to destroy the Earth. Titan went as a solo hero down here, In the warehouse Titan was geconfreteerd with his worst fear, death Grenade stated that this would actually happen. but it was an illusion of Ilusion. Titan was also a large arsenal of weapons, which are very dangerous in the haden Grenade  Grenade weapon would launch a space station Titan grenade and ended up in a fight to the death. Titan won. Grenade was almost dead. Titan had always imagined. But still ... Grenade remained alive

Titan gets family (2000-2005)Edit

Titan decided that family was fine, he married Maria Westside. In 2002 their first child was born, Scarla Thunder, or Scarlett, she had the same power as her father, Thunder Force. but then pink. A year later their 2nd child was born June Thunder, he was powerless born. According to Titan. That was not true. June did have forces would later notice  In 2005, the family fell apart, a truck hit their car, died June (They thought) the rest remained alive

Revenge of June (2021)Edit

June wanted to take revenge, and not a little either. He was raised by Grenade's Squadron. If Revengor the almighty Titan had to choose. The wrath of Revengor or Revengor off ...  Titan helped Scarlett to become a true hero, I managed. in the power plant, the Titan managed to turn his evil son, he was ashamed to be there. and changed his name to shame, but by most he is still called Titan