Personal Information
Species Human
Race Mongolian
Nationality American
Birth Date February 14, 1988
Age 27
Gender Male
Other Information
Affiliation Alanna
Occupation Private investigator
Archenemy Alanna
Residence New York
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Theme Song [1]
Debut Live Wire
Created By KM
Signature Appearance Live Wire

Masayoshi, translating into justice in English, is the alias used by a famed private investigator from New York. Regarded as a prodigy amongst his people, Masayoshi is noted for his prodigious intelligence and fighting prowess; the Sherlock Holmes of his generation. Though generally believed to be kind and well-intentioned, even putting his personal concerns aside to perform random good deeds, Masayoshi has a devious hidden agenda. Unbeknownst to him, the only opposition in his plan is his whimsical protégé, Alanna. He is the villain protagonist of Live Wire.




Masayoshi is a stoically calm individual that approaches life with a pragmatic and logical outlook. This, along with his great intelligence, made it easy for the investigator to solve cases. He is also kind, putting his personal concerns aside to perform random good deeds for the people of New York, such as helping an elder cross the street. Masayoshi values secrecy more than anything else, to the point where the general public considers him an eccentricity due to the lengths he goes to conceal his identity.

However, Masayoshi's calm and well-intentioned personality is only a guise so people don't become suspicious of his true motives. In reality, Masayoshi is an unhinged lunatic hell-bent on TBC.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Most of Masayoshi's bodily functions are at the maximum limit of human conditioning. TBC.


Masayoshi has never revealed his face to the public or Alanna. He wears a morning dress, fedora, and a type of mempo known as the somen that resembles a hellish oni. His somen is iron but the interior is coated with fur for comfortability. When he is not wearing his hat, Masayoshi has white unkempt hair. As a result of heterochromia, Masayoshi has one green eye while the other is light blue. He also has no visible pupils.

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