Enter The Squadron! is the pilot episode for the series, Hero Tales.

Plot Edit

A hooded figure is seen chasing another figure, with each person jumping from rooftop to rooftop. The one chasing then activates a panel on his arms, and as he finishes activating it, one blade comes out of each glove-armour. The armed person then jumps high forward and lands in front of the running person.

[Armed Person]: Face it, you're trapped.

[???]: Oh, I don't think so Band Blade.

[Band Blade]: What do you mean?

The unknown man grabs a smoke ball from his tool belt and throws it the ground, causing a smoke explosion. Due to the smoke's gas, Band Blade gets blinded and starts coughing. But after the smoke fades away, Band Blade sees that whoever he was catching had certainly planned an escape well.


Band Blade is seen standing in front of a large building. He puts his hand over a scanner, which verifies his handprint and allows him to go in.


Band Blade walks inside a room, where he meets a person, Cy-Dark.

[Cy-Dark]: Geez, what took you so long? Did you catch the guy or no?

[Band Blade]: Sadly, no. I didn't even get to see the guy's face at all.

[Cy-Dark]: Oh least we can still track him down.

[Band Blade]: Anyways, what was our next mission? Tracking down famous heroes to be part of our group am I correct?

[Cy-Dark]: You sure are! Come on, let's go get some members!

Band Blade and Cy-Dark fistbump and walk out the door.

[Band Blade]: Hold it...wanna race?

[Cy-Dark]: What's the prize?

[Band Blade]: Gets to make the other his servant for a day.

[Cy-Dark]: You really know how to make me participate!

Band Blade and Cy-Dark get in running position, and a random voice sounds, coming out of nowhere.

[Random Voice]: 1, 2, 3!!!

At the count of 3, the 2 heroes dash forward like rocket jets. As BB (Short term for Band Blade) speeds forward, C-D (Short term for Cy-Dark) takes off with his jetpack to speed up as well. The two see the door and quickly rush inside at the same time. They both squeeze in at the same time, with it being a tie.

[Band Blade]: Man, it's a tie. Anyways, want to invite some people?

Cy-Dark nods as they enter a helicopter. The helicopter then stes off, flying off to it's next destination.