Backstory Edit

Cosmos is a hero who is part Ziptopian and part Human. When he was born two month later the ringmaster came and attacked his homeland. Him his brother and parents all went for earth but they got attacked mid-flight. They put the brothers in two escape pods one of the brothers got kidnapped. The parents screamed as their ship blew up. The parents were dead or so we think cosmos was blasted on earth. When a loving couple found him they raised him under the name Sam Whitherford. When Sam was twelve he was at a football game he watched a plane almost crash. He found out he saved the plane twenty years later. At age twenty-two he became a superhero. But the Ringmaster returned ready to destroy cosmos.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight
  • Breathing in Space
  • Telekinesis
  • Energy Blasts
  • Ability to see 24 Hours into the future

Major Comics Edit

Cosmos 1#

Cosmos 18#

Cosmos 34#

Ultimates 52#

Groups Edit

  • Ultimates
  • Dark Age Ultimates
  • Space Protectors
  • Stonekeepers

Movies And TV Shows Edit

TV Shows Edit

  • Cosmos The One and Only
  • Ultimates
  • Stonekeepers

Movies Edit

  • Cosmos
  • Cosmos 2: War Is War
  • Cosmos 3: Red Space
  • Cosmos 4: The Battle
  • Ultimates
  • Ultimates 2: When The Time Comes
  • Ultimates 3: The Last Stone
  • Ultimates 4: THe War Of Ages Pt 1.
  • UC Zomified