• BHCreations

    This Wikia hasn't exactly been very active lately, and I can't say I blame any of you. We've all been busy with projects on other wikis and real life. The last bit of activity aside from "Drako Comics" was in October.

    I have some good news for whoever happens to read this post. I will indeed actually be creating some content on here after a whole year of, well, not much. Commitments are a tough thing, but I promise once I get the basic stuff down, I'll be working plenty on my superheroes. It's getting started that's always the hardest part.

    I'm also interested in picking back up on Unite once all of this is done. Whaddya think?

    - BHCreations

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  • Poseidon133

    I bet you have wondered if your idea is interesting enough even if you really like it yourself, in that case if you think it's interesting, then I would generally say go for it because if you like what you're working on, then you will work on it more and be less likely to abandon it halfway, but coming up with that good idea can be the hard part so today I am going to look into what makes a good story. Now you might have already read my Super Hero Cliches and if you have then you may already have a basic idea of what to look out for so that's most it covered. Like that page says, this is not beating up on other works but should be taken into consideration.

    Take my Shyne Bros series. I personally value those to be interesting, I have taken c…

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  • Thibo1102

    Hello everyone, I'm Thibo and I'm here with another blog for you guys!

    I've read somewhere, we'll be getting at least 3 new "The Amazing Spider-Man" movies. The Amazing Spider-Man 3, a movie about Venom, and the one that this blog will be about: one about the Sinister Six.

    First of all, at the end of TASM2 the Goblin said to Mr. Fiers that he wanted to assemble a small team. Sinister Six, anyone?

    Now we know that the team will be there, lets take a look at the members:

    The first 4 are really simple: Rhino's horn, Green Goblin's glider, Vulture's wings and Doc Ock's arms. Then we have what looks like a cat, this is probably Kraven's power amulet, and as the last one we have what appears to be a mask of some sort, could this be Chameleon? Or is …

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  • Sr.Wario


    December 21, 2014 by Sr.Wario

    im an admin on nick fanon, one of the wiki's affiliates. i see that this poor wiki is rly struggling so i added a page and plan to help out if you'll have me.

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  • BHCreations


    November 25, 2014 by BHCreations

    I have no idea why, but apparently Wikia thinks I started this wiki. I've received three emails already, talking about improvements and all that jazz.

    But why?

    I mean, I obviously did not found this place. BC did. My profile doesn't say I'm the founder either.

    If you have any ideas as to why this happened, please let me know.

    Buh bye!

    - BHCreations

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  • BHCreations

    Main Page Redesign

    November 17, 2014 by BHCreations

    Hey guys! I really should be in bed right now. It's past midnight, but I don't care. 

    Anyways, I took the time to make some templates and redesigned the main page. I think it looks pretty sweet, but if you have any feedback, be sure to let me know. I hope you don't mind, BC. 

    I also specifically added an "Other Wikias" section to here and the Skylanders Fan Wiki. I'll work on the VG Fan Wiki tomorrow.

    I don't have much else to say. I just thought I'd share this quick update with you guys. See you tomorrow, when I'm less exhausted!

    - BHCreations

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  • Inferno999

    Team Project

    November 13, 2014 by Inferno999

    This may be a bit too early, but maybe we should do a team project. More will come about it.

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  • Blindsighter101

    Our own avatar

    November 13, 2014 by Blindsighter101

    Hullo, there.

    I know the wiki just started and all, and it may be a little too soon, but I thought of something. We've all been creating heroes and teams, but how about our own hero? Not a suggestion, but just a question:

    What kind of hero eould you make up?

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  • Inferno999


    November 12, 2014 by Inferno999

    I just wanted to say hi. I'm inferno999, but you probably already know me from Skylanders fan wiki. Check out my Life Force stuff on this. I want to try to get this wiki more popular.

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