Attack of the Werewolf is the ??? episode of Adventures of the Life Force. It is a Halloween special.


  • Starts in a dark forest in Transylvania. Black Knight is walking, when a shadow flies past the tree.
  • Black Knight: Who's that!? I have a sword, and I'm not afraid to use it...
  • A werewolf jumps out of the bushes and onto Black Knight.
  • ???: Why are you in my forest!?
  • Black Knight: This isn't your forest. And answer my question first. Who are you?
  • ???: My name. Is Howl. How do I know this? The moon told me so. That's all it ever told me. Now tell me why you're in my forest!
  • Black Knight: I heard there was a threat here. The people of the village nearby sent me to slay the monster inside.
  • Howl: If you dare slay me... you're the monster.
  • Black Knight: Don't worry. I won't. I guess nobody's ever tried to actually talk to you.
  • Howl: Not that I know. So... are you going to leave now?
  • Black Knight: Sure. But I'll be back.
  • Howl: If you're coming back, make sure you bring a dead pig as a peace offering. Now get out!
  • Back at village.
  • Villager: So, did you kill wolf creature?
  • Black Knight: No. He's actually not that bad when you get to know him.
  • Villager: Not that bad? He killed three people!
  • Black Knight: He's just hungry. Bring him a dead animal every now and then. He won't bite.
  • Villager: Oh, he'll bite! Have you seen those fangs? Those claws?
  • Black Knight: I've gotta go.
  • Villager: You will get rid of that creature! Or we will get rid of you!
  • Back at temporary Life Force hideout.
  • Gorgon: Did you kill that werewolf, like those villagers asked you to? Or were you chicken?
  • Black Knight: If I was a chicken, he would eaten me whole. And to answer your question, no, I didn't kill him.


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