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Logo, Background + Various Changes

Hello everybody! I have just officially joined the wiki! As you have probably noticed by now, I made a logo and got a background. What do you think?

For other minor changes, I updated the home page a bit, added some code to make the wiki resemble the Skylanders and Video Game Fan Wikis, and, for those who really took the time to look, added a favicon. 

I can't see the changes I made to the code right now, and if you can't either, just give it at least a day. It takes some time for it to change.

On the subject of favicons, if you don't know what a favicon is, I'll explain. It's basically the little image you see up on your tabs. Skylanders Fan Wiki has Trigger Happy's face, and the VG Fan Wiki has a blue "V" and a red "G". It may depend on your browser, but I'm not entirely sure. Some may know what I'm talking about, others may be confused. I am using Google Chrome.

I also edited the Wiki Navigation, though it's blank as of now.

Here's the big question:

Will I edit here?

The answer, unfortunately, is maybe. I really don't have any current interest in superheroes, nor do I have any ideas. I'm sure I will do something here, but just give me some time.

You're welcome, everyone. See you later!

- BHCreations

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